Prof. Chon was elevated as IEEE Fellow for 2022

Professor Ki Chon was elevated as IEEE Fellow by the IEEE Board of Directors at its November 2021 meeting, effective 1 January 2022 with the following citation:

for the development of novel algorithms to detect atrial fibrillation from smart wearable devices

Each year, following a rigorous evaluation procedure, the IEEE Fellow Committee recommends a select group of recipients for elevation to IEEE Fellow. Less than 0.1% of voting members are selected annually for this member grade elevation.

Congratulations to Professor Ki Chon!

Profs. Chen and Chon Received NIH Grant to Detect Tooth Pain

Drs. Ki Chon (right) and I-Ping Chen (left) received a new R21 grant from NIH. Dr. I-Ping Chen is a Dental Medicine faculty at UConn Health. This is a multi-PI collaborative grant which will investigate a novel approach to quantify dental pain. The grant is entitled “Quantitative assessment of dental pain using a smartphone-attachable electrodermal activity sensor.” The grant is for 2 years (6/1/2020-5/30/2022) and the amount is $462,964.

UConn Faculty Receive NIH Grant to Develop Smartphone Sensor to Detect Tooth Pain

Welcome I’jaaz Muhammad joining our lab!

I’jaaz Muhammad received his B.S degree from University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT in Biomedical Engineering, with a focus in biosignals, signal processing and bioinstrumentation. His current research interests include neuroprosthetic design and biosignal processing for brain-computer interfaces.

Welcome I’jaaz Muhammad joining our lab!

Welcome Dr. Fahimeh Mohagheghian and Jihye Moon joining our lab!

Fahimeh Mohagheghian received her PhD degree from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran. Her main research topic was the study of the EEG brain mapping and source reconstruction approaches, brain connectivity and network analysis. Her current research interests include detection/classification of cardiac arrhythmias and developing neuroimaging methods using (ECG/EEG) signal processing techniques.

Jihye Moon’s main study is advanced machine learning for biosignals (such as, prediction of disease indicator, signal modeling, and spoken understanding).

Welcome Dr. Fahimeh Mohagheghian and Jihye Moon joining our lab!

Welcome Alberto visiting our lab!

Alberto Hernando Sanz is a PhD student from University of Zaragoza and his main research topic is the study of the Autonomic Nervous System in hyperbaric environments. During his stay, he wants to apply the Principal Dynamic Modes algorithm into a real immersion database. Welcome Alberto visiting our lab! 

Drs. Ki Chon and Hugo Posada-Quintero Awarded Naval Research Grant

Prof. Chon (PI) and Dr. Hugo Posada-Quintero (Co-PI) who is a research assistant professor have received a new grant from Office of Naval Research, and the grant is entitled “Feasibility of Electrodermal Activity for Detecting Seizures Elicited by Central Nervous System Oxygen Toxicity Under the Water.” The grant duration is for two years (04/22/19-04/21/21) and the amount is $313,595.